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Jonathan Hawkins

whootahawkins.com is my website now!!  Yes, whootah.com is no more.  I finally decided what to do with my $2000 from my overseas Aunt.  Is this some joke?  Of course not, this discussion has been going on for a while now, and I just couldn’t decide what to do with my carowindsconnection site.  So, after hearing about the recent problems whootah.com was having, I decided to purchase the site outright.  Of course, I had some stipulations, such as changing the name, and whootahawkins seemed like a great fit.  I dont really care if you agree to this arrangement, but I’m having fun with it, and its my two thousand dollars.  Or was mine..

This website is a loosely self rated PG-13 level.

Also staring in select videos….

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Sorry, but until a new arrangement with the old whootah.com members can be arranged, there are no other stars but Jonathan.

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