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Friday, March 31st, 2006

So i finally had to help our web hoster solve the problem.  That being the 2 primary dns servers serving this domain name had conflicting records.  They have it resolved now, and it seems to be working so far.  But with the continued problems with the site and chronically poor help from our own users with our submissions, I’m just getting tired of it all.  Sorry.  But we make this stuff for all to see, and we occasionally ask for help and rarely get it.  We don’t ask for help because we need it, but because we just want to get you involved.  Wouldn’t you like to be in one of our videos?  You can help play a part in our next project, but no one wants to volunteer.  Well, thats ok.  Maybe i’ll just step away, leave it to Alan or somebody and see what they can do with it for a while.

site problems update

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Ok, i’m not sure what the hell’s going on.  The web host is moving some sites to new servers, and earlier today i posted some info about that problem.  Then later today, the post that i made disappeared, and the entire board went back to week old data.  i posted there on the forums that there was some posts lost, and now i come back and the data thats supposed to be here is here.  I just wish they’d make up their mind. I hope it stays like it is right now, although we would lose any posts made during the day today.

Not to mention all our other problems, this is beginning to really piss me off.  The data we had running on earlier today lost the C3 trip report pictures jonathan and alan posted, but i do believe they’re back now with the right data.

site unavailable earlier

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

Sorry for the trouble this morning, but our latest trip pictures to Carowinds from Jonathan and from Alan helped to push our site over our bandwidth limit again. To compound the problem, our web hoster has changed servers and some people were seeing old website information. It caused the ip addresses of the website to switch and the DNS information had to be propogated out to the internet. For instance, a weeks worth of forum posts were missing because you were stuck seeing the old server while others were seeing the new sever. Should all be resolved now. Maybe we should look into a donation button, or sell some more t-shirts to help resolve the bandwidth problem.

In other news, we greatly appreciate the songs that were submitted at our last reader request post.  Many thanks to reader Ethan Rogers who submitted a song, and to Sue and Barbara also, although Sue and Barbara are already official whootah members, and we really  expected all our members to contribute.  However, as usual that was not the case.  Keep up the good work guys.

Big expansion for CarowindsConnection.Com Coming!

Thursday, March 16th, 2006


Apparently, Mr. Hawkins of CarowindsConnection.Com has fallen on good fortune thanks to a nice relative and will have some extra dough to pump up his awesome site!  Read about the new changes and the story!  CLICK HERE!

Viewer Submission Request

Monday, March 13th, 2006

Based on the previous smashing success of our past submission request, I have decided yet again to ask our loyal viewers to send in something. This time, we want you to make up some lyrics to a song about whootah. It can be spoofing an already existing song, or it can be a brand new song. Our talented team of judges we’ll pick the best one and we’ll perform it, and throw the resulting video up on the website! See some examples i’m going to make up right off the top of my head:

whootah whootah is the site

when Phil shows his ass in that putt putt video

I am blinded by the sight

Please send them in as quick as possible, we have several upcoming events, such as Carowinds Opening Day on March 25, and we want to get a head start on the season! Just make a new comment to this post with your lyrics! Thanks again! – Phil