Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a whootah? – whootah is not necessarily a thing. It is what whootah means, which is not expressible in words. Therefore, when the feeling of whootah exists, whootah is what is exclaimed.

Where did whootah come from? – The real origins are unknown for the pure excitement of whootah has caused it’s history to be erased in time. However, it is believed the wording came from a previous Phil Hart usage of the term ‘rutabega’ (pronounced root-a-bega) exclamation and evolved into the current whootah (proncounced whoo-tah).

Why whootah.com? – Why not? You’re reading this, so it must be worth something, right?

What other trademarked words are attributed to Phil Hart? – I’m sorry, but the mere usage of those words are not permitted in this forum. Their meaning would be lost, and future web sites might be impacted, causing a temporal time rift or something another.

Can I use the term whootah? – Individual users are licensed to use the term ‘whootah’ in various locations at no charge, but only on the appropriate times. You may not attribute the term to yourself, nor take credit for the term. Credit must be given to Phil Hart and you must then reference whoever hear’s you say whootah to the www.whootah.com website. You may not profit from, attempt to take control, or reduce the meaning of the term whootah. Upon reading whootah, or upon hearing someone else say the term whootah, you must also exclaim whootah. The free usage will be divided upon both parties and a payment of no dollars will be awarded to no one.

Who is Alan Martin? – Alan Martin and Phil Hart went to college together where various random activities have evolved and blossomed into the current art form of whootahness.

Who is Phil Hart? – Phil Hart and Alan Martin went to college together where various random activities have evolved and blossomed into the current art form of whootahness.

What is this FAQ about? – This page is about frequently asked questions. In fact, it’s a completely made up page full of questions I’m only asking myself, since no one has actually bothered to write in any valid questions.

Why are there so many questions? – Because i’m bored.

Where are the real questions? – ok ok fine then

I can’t seem to play this video. – Sorry, that wasn’t in the form of a question.

Why can’t I play the video? – You must have the correct software on your computer to play the videos. Each video page has a description of what codec was used and the best software to play that video. If you do not have the correct codec, you may experience problems like you have sound, but no video, the video is black, non existent, you can’t see it or it’s not there.

Why don’t you like Mac’s? – We have nothing against you if you own a Macintosh computer. In fact, more power to you. In fact, we want to give you more power so you can find a way to play the great format’s we have discovered lend best to our videos. Microsoft Windows Media Player format has proved to provide the best quality for the file size available. If we had unlimited space and bandwidth, and everyone had a high speed internet connection we would release the videos in AVI format. However, that is not the case.

Will you ever offer a higher quality version of the videos? – Probably, ‘will you ever’ is just as probable as saying ‘you will never’, and you should never say never.

Can I link to your site? – We want you to!! We even have a link button you may use. It’s at http://whootah.com/button.jpg We prefer that you actually link directly to our button, as we may update the graphic from time to time.blade runner final cut dvdrip download shark tale divx monster house dvdrip download scent of a woman divx movie online

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