Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a whootahawkins? – Whootahawkins is the result of a marriage between 2 years worth of hard, unappreciated work by Alan and Phil and $2000 from Jonathan.

Where did whootahawkins come from? – Originally just whootah, whootahawkins is the brainchild of one Jonathan Hawkins. whootah.com was a site run by Phil and Alan where they put up various videos and things from their outings such as going to amusement parks. The site branched off into other areas of interests, such as short films and animation. Eventually the website’s users dwindled off and not much participation was involved from the fans. Frustrated with that problem and growing costs of operating a website, Jonathan Hawkins, one of the original members of whootah.com, purchased the site for a lump sum of $2000. At that time the name was changed to whootahawkins.com.

Why whootahawkins.com? – $2000 and you’d do it too, come on!

What other trademarked words are attributed to Jonathan Hawkins? – Jonathan once owned and was the sole operator behind the insanely popular carowindsconnection.com, jonathan-hawkins.net and even some other old websites that arent around anymore.

Can I use the term whootahawkins? – The original whootah sound was developed free of charge from Alan and Phil. Since it was free, the whootah exclamation was also licensed to the public for no charge, however certian conditions had to be met in referencing the phrase. Whootahawkins, however, is quite a different story. The whootahawkins brand name adds up to a total cost of ownership of $2000. This puts whootahawkins into a commercial venturable brand and must therefore maintain at least break even point at the end of its fiscal year. To realize the $2000 each year, the term whootahawkins may only be excaimed after sending in your credit card number, expiration date and security code to our corporate headquarters. With the use of public spy cameras installed by your very own local police department, we can monitor the general populous for the term and automatically deduct an amount no greater or less than $4.01 for each pronunciation of the phrase.

Who is Jonathan Hawkins – Jonathan Hawkins once knew Phil Hart and Alan Martin. Once they got their money, they haven’t been heard from since.

Who is Alan Martin? – Alan Martin knew Phil Hart and is now $1000 richer.

Who is Phil Hart? – Phil Hart knew Alan Martin and is now $1000 richer.

What is this FAQ about? – This page is about frequently asked questions. In fact, this page is factual. The original FAQ page at whootah.com was just a bunch of completely made up questions. However, with the new ownership and drastic changes to whootahawkins.com, a real page with with real information on it was necessary.

Why are there so many questions? – Because they’re necessary, didn’t you read the last one?

Where are the real questions? – ok ok fine then

I can’t seem to play this video. – Sorry, but whootahawkins.com has yet to raise enough capital to help with your tech support problems, dumbass.

Why can’t I play the video? – You may be trying to play an old whootah.com video. All such videos will no longer work as the sale agreement to Jonathan forbids it. Great work will be taken in the next few days to convert all videos to whootahawkins format, which you can re-download at your earliest convenience.

Why don’t you like Mac’s? – We have nothing against you if you own a Macintosh computer. In fact, more power to you. I mean, with our new $2000, we may just go out and get one ourselves.

Will you ever offer a higher quality version of the videos? – DVD’s of the videos will be sold and marketed heavily to increase viewership of whootahawkins. Stay tuned for more details.watch square peg the in divx 007 you only live twice movie

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