Potential Gaming in the Near Future?

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Potential Gaming in the Near Future?

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Meant to ask, while I was over, but are you guys interested in letting me run some games? I've got about six Call of Cthulhu games for six players I'd like to run sometime. They've got Pre-made Characters already, some are possible to run within one to two sessions, while the others I'd say are three to four sessions long. If people are up for it, I could potentially run one of the shorter ones before John heads off on his trip. Lemme know if anyone's up for it, and we can set a date.

Three of them are set in Dark Ages Europe, one is in Ancient Rome, and the remaining two are.... Spain in the 1590's and Britain in the 1630's... so they're all swords and armor and such, more like D&D than the typical CoC setting of the 1920's. Anyways, please lemme know. I'd really like to get a chance to run these, but as they're for six players, and typically its only me and Dewey playing, I'm not up for him running six PC's in one game. :) But with you guys, could run two players apiece, or if I get Dewey in on it, two people could run two players, two could run one player.

Anyways, thanks for having me over to game. I enjoyed it, I'll try to work out getting over again to play some Carcassone or Agricola (I think those are how they are spelled.) :)

P.S. : I'm more than happy with gaming also, if its Alan or John running game. :)
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