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2-Player Faceoff and Frugal's Speedway!

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:30 am
by AMartin777
Join us Saturday, August 1st for a fun filled day starting at 2pm. We will be hosting a two-player games extravaganza followed by dinner and then off to the great Frugal's Speedway in downtown Franklinton for an excitement filled evening of high-speed slot car racing!

Games will include:

Settlers of Catan - The Card Game - Players build their settlements and cities toward victory. Based on but very different from the original board game,
you will find that resources can be even more difficult to come by than the board version. (we now have ALL expansions for this
outstanding game).

Aton - Struggle with your opponent to dominate the temples of ancient Egypt. Quick and light but very challenging. Interesting mechanics.

Carcassonne The Castle - The fantastic 2-player varient based on the Carcassonne board game. Designed by non other than Mr. Kenizia himself.
An excellent 2-player twist on the Carcassonne world.

Balloon Cup - A card game where players fight to win the coveted Ballon Race Cups of Victory. A fascinating game that is light enough to enjoy with beer
and pretzels but not lacking in moments of deeper strategy.

Battle Line - Jonathan's favorite card game :wink: , It's the best card game i've ever played. A fantastic tactical and strategic card game where
each player must build melds of three cards on each side of a flag in order to win the battle and seize the flag from that rank. A very deep
game with engaging player interaction. In this case, Mr. Kenizia has created a masterpeice.

It's an event you don't want to miss... More details to follow... (watch this space) :)