whootah.com Introduction Video

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Phil Hart – Many ideas were discussed for this video, but time restraints hindered most of the plans. What resulted was put together in about a week of free time, and most of the footage was shot one night, edited the next night and then taken to Alan’s house so it could be burned on CD for the official whootah.com launch party 2 days away.

Filmed by: Phil Hart and Alan Martin
Edited by: Phil Hart
Location: Phil and Alan’s houses
Event Date: January 24, 2004
Music: Interview – Blitz Off from Final Fantasy X Soundtrack
Winter Exposure – Ole Joe Clark by Gurney Thomas Band

Download this video in Windows Media Player 9 format
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  1. whootah.com » Blog Archive » Looking for submissions Says:

    […] Whootah.com is nearing it’s 2nd anniversary in January 2006. Since the official launch of whootah.com January 24, 2004, we have over 30 videos under our name. In 2003, we started making videos, and horded them until our release party Jan 24 of the following year. We hosted a get together at Alans house, invited a bunch of people and watched all our videos up to date. We even made an introduction video for those unfamiliar with whootah.com. We performed various skits, read letters from our fans, and generally just made up stuff to waste time. In 2005 we also had a party, but didnt do much but watch all the existing videos. This year, we want to do another party where we’ll unveil a new anniversary video. We need You to help! […]

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