First Animation!

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Yes, our first feature animation is up on the site, however ,we need your help! We’re having a contest! Download this video, and make up your OWN AUDIO for the video! Send it back to us (email it to and we’ll post the best ones on the site! Contest ends September 11, 2005. That gives you 2 whole weeks! Even more than 2 weeks! Ok, get busy!!!

Fine Print – You still own the audio part of it, we wont charge people to download it or whatever, and you don’t actually win anything except we’ll post it on the site for no charge! Hey! We’re just doing this for fun! Keep it clean, or relatively clean, or kinda clean like you swept it under the rug…

UPDATE – Winners have been announced, and have been added to the listing at the bottom of this page. Download the original with no sound, then the 2 contest winners below that!

Filmed by: Phil Hart
Edited by: Phil Hart
Location: Phil’s Laboratory
Date: August 23, 2005

Download this video in Windows Media Player 9 format
(right click and choose save as)
Download video winner #1 in Windows Media Player 9 format
(right click and choose save as)
Download video winner #2 in Windows Media Player 9 format
(right click and choose save as)

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    […] September 11, 2005 (oh get over the date) is almost here, the deadline for your audio part of our first animation! I dont care what it is. just send it. just send me a mp3 or wav or whatever of your audio. i’ll worry about putting it to the video. be creative. if you can’t be creative, steal it. i dont care, just hurry up and send it in! […]

  2. » Blog Archive » First Animation contest is Over Says:

    […] We posted the winning entries on the dedicated page for the video. […]

  3. Jonathan Says:

    Tragic 🙁

  4. Alan Says:


  5. » Blog Archive » Looking for submissions Says:

    […] Based on the previus success of our last user submission request, we’ve decided to do it all over again. If you’ve visited, we want to know what you think of it. Good, bad, funny, serious i dont care. We want your praise, hatred, nonsense, just you being you. Or you with friends, or whatever you want to do. But about Make a short video clip, 10 seconds to 1 minute long. Keep the file size small by using mpg format or something similar. By small, i mean dont use just avi. Thats too big. But dont compress it to a 1mb file with realplayer either. I’d expect a minimum 10 second clip to be around 30mb. (guessing) 1 minute would be substantialy higher, like 200mb or more maybe. If you cant figure this out, you can just burn and mail a dvd or cd with your avi on it. (we’d appreciate that as it’s better quality, but we dont expect it) […]

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