Teaser Trailer for Taking Care of Johns House 2

We’re working on a new video… check out the teaser trailer listed below

Final production coming Winter, 2005!


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  1. Jonathan Says:


  2. Sue Says:


  3. Wes Says:

    Looks like they took Voyage, gave it a steeper drop and chopped it in half. lol

  4. Jonathan Says:

    Looks like you replied to the wrong article. lol

  5. Wes Connell Says:

    Looks like you’re right. Whatever happened to this project?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Well, it has grown into a bit of a beast. Many re-writes and lots of extra filming had and has to be done to accomidate all of the ideas. It will really be a beast to edit as well. I plan on doing a movie poster and giving an update on the project soon! I am planning to really focus on it after the New Year so we can get it done.

  7. Phil Says:

    Yes, this project is very well into production. It has not been forgotten, it has been lengthened in enjoyment! While the first one took 1 whole day (read 1 complete day from start to finish) this one is a much larger production. This one has a story, and the whootah team has argued over the exact story line for months now. Yes, after several weeks of filming, only then did we realize a major flaw in our original story line!  But, we finally believe we have it down pat and as soon as the holidays are over were’re going to jump right back into it! Stay tuned! Besides, did you see the additional pictures here? Edit – need to get new link to pics.

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