C3 2005 Carowinds

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The reviews are in, and they’re awesomefied!! Get this video before our bandwidth explodes!

So. … This is a little different. Now, quit bugging me about getting it done!

Filmed by: Alan Martin
Edited by: Phil Hart
Music: Sandra Collins – You Take Me Higher [Elevate]
Location: Charlotte, NC
Even Date: August 20, 2005

Download this video in Windows Media Player 9 format
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If anyone’s interested, you can download the original move Your Movie Camera and How to Use It on archive.org

Edit – 6-21-2006
This video was entered into themeparkreview.com’s annual video contest. It made it into the finals and is currently waiting for voting results. Several people have asked for more information about this video, so I posted it on the TPR forums. I will repost that here for all to enjoy:

A Quote from MrMorgan –
15. Phil Hart’s Carowinds. Extra super duper bonus points for the concept! Did you have the old video first before you got the park footage, or did you have the park footage and make it fit so well to what the announcer was saying. Great job of remixing and editing the soundtrack to the techno beat and stretching it out the whole video long. Besides all that, its also a fun video. Definitely top 5.

My Reply –

MrMorgan: (and everyone else)

To answer the many questions about this video… Yes, I had the old video first. I found it on a downloading spree from archive.org’s video vault. I did not download it for any particular purpose, I just downloaded a bunch of old stuff to watch, hey it’s free! You can find the video here. http://www.archive.org/details/your_movie_camera
The video is very long, and is a real instructional video of how to use your movie camera. Made in 1948, you can imagine the technology back then. The original video is just over 10 minutes long covering all sorts of topics, many more than what you see in my resulting video. The video is funny in and of itself, I recommend anyone to watch it just for a laugh.

Then, many months later, ACE’s C3 event at Carowinds occured. I could not go for financial reasons, so the other members of the whootah.com clan went. Alan filmed a tapes worth of footage, handed it to me and said go at it. I looked at the tape over and over and tried to pick out some good scenes to put into a video. However, as I watched the tape, I realized there really wasn’t that many good scenes to make even 30 seconds of a video. I was at a standstill.

Then I thought of this old video I had downloaded a long time ago. I didn’t tell anyone of my plans, especially Alan. I was afraid he would be mad or embarrassed, but I didn’t care!! Whootah love. On I went and threw it up there and told him to check it out and he (and a lot of others) got a big kick out of it. (I know, I know.. some people don’t like it. I respect that and admit this video isn’t for everyone.)

Secret confession – the video on TPR entered into the contest is the uncensored version. That is by mistake! I rendered 2 copies, one straight render actually forgetting to put the beeps in there, and then one render again with the certain words bleeped out. Well I ended up never rendering an AVI for the censored version, I only rendered the smaller wmv to go on the website. So the AVI I had was still the uncensored one, and that’s what I sent to Robb. I realized this a week after the video was posted into the finals, and by then I decided it was too late to change, everyone who was going to download it had already downloaded it, and I didn’t want to have 2 different versions floating around in cyberspace. If you want the censored version, get it from http://whootah.com/archives/86

Anyway, hope that answered everyone’s questions. It was a stab at Alan to be better camera man, and a stab to the rest of this video world that all your videos don’t have to feature silly little coasters, points of view, and pretending like your on that jackass show.

Thanks for your support, and good luck to all the video entries!

13 Responses to “C3 2005 Carowinds”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    You seem to have outdone yourself again. That was absolutely brilliant. I think you need to put up a warning about the language though; I was very offended!

  2. Phil Says:

    aha You’re offended!?! you’re the offense!
    Seriously, should i bleep it out? i didnt even think about it before rendering.

  3. Phil Says:

    okok i’m uploading a new version now. keep that uncensored version, it’s a collectors edition!

  4. Jonathan Says:

    Haha no I really didn’t care

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Yea, the bleeping makes it funnier anyway! Great work Phil! 🙂

    I’ve been out and posted a link to it on CC.com and TPR.com

  6. CoasterFanatic Says:

    Kudos! A refreshing video in an age of boring images set to the tune of today’s teen sensations. I always look forward to the latest Wootah offerings.

  7. Brian Says:

    I like the James and Alicia cameo.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Yea, that was our nod to T & J…

  9. Brian Says:

    Awesome video btw! One of your best yet!

  10. Wes Connell Says:


    Great vid. Although I don’t make an appearance in this one. 🙁

  11. Chris Says:

    Awesome video! I especially love the guys at the end going “Whootah!”

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