Carowinds WinterFest Video 2005

Screenshot 1

Just in time for Xmas! Here is the 2005 Carowind’s WinterFest video. Witness Jonathan tripping on sugar and Jay in a bread bowl feeding frenzy! Whootah!

Filmed by: Alan Martin
Edited by: Alan Martin
Music: XTC – Thanks For Christmas
Location: Charlotte, NC
Event Date: November 26, 2005

Download this video in Windows Media Player 9 format
(right click and choose save as)

4 Responses to “Carowinds WinterFest Video 2005”

  1. Jonathan Says:

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  2. Phil Says:

    yay! online poker!!!

  3. Wes Connell Says:

    What? I didn’t break the camera? Awweeeee man.

  4. Sue Says:

    We want to see more of that cute baby in the video. (not just a hint, NOT just a hint)

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