Latest updates and more content coming…

The Whootah Crew is busy preparing a new batch of videos to be released on the site soon!  We have at least 5 or more that will be prepared and posted in the next few weeks.  Additionally, the Taking Care of John’s House II movie poster and expanded movie trailer will be out soon as well!

The annual Whootah.Com party is now scheduled to take place on February 18th!  We didn’t receive ANY response to our “submit a whootah comment video” post

You all made Phil cry and I’m the one who had to put up with his blubbering!  You should all be ashamed of yourselves.  With the new party date, we want to extend the deadline to 2/10/2006.  Please see the original linkto get the details and PLEASE, WE ARE BEGGING YOU SEND SOMETHING!!!!  Thanks!

Many exciting events are being announced for 2006 and the Whootah Crew wants to meet and greet everyone this year.  Please make yourself a friend and introduce yourself if you spot one of us in the parks or at an event this year!  Some of the events you can catch us at include:

Carowinds Opening Day
Volcanomania! at PKD
Holiwood Nights at HW
Rumblefest at Beech Bend
Spring Fling at SOG (tentative)
C3 at Carowinds
Night of Thunder at Dollywood
and others

If you haven’t joined our Forums, Do it!  Join in the conversation and planning!  Whootah does more than just Theme Parks.  We are all about hanging out and having a good time with friends at lots of places and events.  Join our mailing list!  We plan to start utilizing this feature to keep you informed of activities, Videos, site updates, etc.  The link to join is right below the search box on the main page.  Also, send us suggestions, comments, insults, whatever.

One other thing… please go HERE and let us know what you think about Whootah.Com having a PodCast?  Yea, we are looking to jump on the bandwaggon.  I assure you though, it certainly won’t be like Coasterradio or In The Loop!

I do like these shows though so be sure to check them out!

Finally, thanks to everyone who visits the site. We hope your having fun and come back often!

Oh yea….  WHOOTAH!

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  1. Sue Says:

    What is a podcast?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Go here:

  3. Sue Says:

    I read the link and now I have a headache. What did I tell you about all that college talk. You know we aint to swift with all that confangled computer talk. hehe

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