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The Aftermath

Monday, February 20th, 2006

Saturday, February 18, 2006 we held our 2nd anniversary party for whootah.com. Attending was Alan, April, Andrew, Barbara, Emily, Jessica, John, Jonathan, Lisa, Mike, Nicole, Phil, Steve, and Sue! We stuffed our faces with pizza and snacks, viewed some pictures taken over the years, and began watching our videos.

We started watching the videos around 8:00 pm. Unfortunately the very first video we sat down to watch did not have any sound. It was a brand new video produced by Alan for an introduction to the party. The sound will be fixed and the video will be uploaded to the site in the next few days. Then we proceeded to watch all our previous videos, with a few other random ones found on the internets thrown in to break up the monotony. When we were done, Jonathan also brought 4 videos, 1 of which was brand new, he started working on it at 2:00 am that same morning!! In all, 6 videos had their world premier at the party, not including the first one that didn’t work, since it’s still only been seen by Alan.

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