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Scrooge says Whootah!

Thursday, December 29th, 2005

Screenshot 1
Chris Timmons (Major Woodie) gets Carowinds own Scrooge to shout Whootah!
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Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

Yea, I said it. Not happy holidays or anything such generic. To get you in the whootah spirit, be sure to listen to some of our own version of Christmas classic tunes, Let it Snow and Winter Wonderland!

(parental discretion advised)

Carowinds WinterFest Video 2005

Thursday, December 15th, 2005

Screenshot 1
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Looking for submissions

Sunday, December 4th, 2005 is nearing it’s 2nd anniversary in January 2006. Since the official launch of January 24, 2004, we have over 30 videos under our name. In 2003, we started making videos, and horded them until our release party Jan 24 of the following year. We hosted a get together at Alans house, invited a bunch of people and watched all our videos up to date. We even made an introduction video for those unfamiliar with We performed various skits, read letters from our fans, and generally just made up stuff to waste time. In 2005 we also had a party, but didnt do much but watch all the existing videos. This year, we want to do another party where we’ll unveil a new anniversary video. We need You to help!

Based on the previous success of our last user submission request, we’ve decided to do it all over again. If you’ve visited, we want to know what you think of it. Good, bad, funny, serious i don’t care. We want your praise, hatred, nonsense, just you being you. Or you with friends, or whatever you want to do. But about Tell us how it’s changed your life, made you loose your girlfriend(s), got you fired at work, enhanced your size… whatever!

Make a short video clip, 10 seconds to 1 minute long. Keep the file size small by using mpg format or something similar. By small, i mean dont use just avi. Thats too big. But dont compress it to a 1mb file with realplayer either. I’d expect a minimum 10 second clip to be around 30mb. (guessing) 1 minute would be substantially higher, like 200mb or more maybe. If you cant figure this out, you can just burn and mail a dvd or cd with your avi on it. (we’d appreciate that as it’s better quality, but we don’t expect it)

Say what you want about, just keep it pg-13. Send it to us, and we’ll throw it into a segment of our video. At our anniversary party we’ll all watch the video. Dont worry, we’ll also post the anniversary video on the website for everyone else to see. How to send to us?? Contact me at I’ll give you a ftp site, username and password to use to upload your file. If you prefer to mail a disc in i’ll tell you the mailing address.

What do you get? To be in our video. Thats all we can afford. We’ll watch the video at our unveiling party and also post it on the website. You’ll be a part of history! Besides, what else do you have to lose?

Deadline – Sunday, January 8, 2006!!!