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C3-2006! An awesomefied time had by all!

Sunday, September 17th, 2006


Well, C3-2006 has come and gone and it proved to be one of the best! The weather was perfect, the food was yummy and the attendees were awesomefied!  Thanks to everyone who put together the event (Scott, Max, etc.).  We have some pictures from the event posted at the link below…

Pictures have been uploaded here:

C3 2006 pre

Friday, September 15th, 2006

For those interested, C3 at Carowinds is tomorrow! And under much hype the clan will be there nearly full force. If you’ve been reading up on your homework #1 #2 (t&j) like a good little clan member you’ll already know about the events taking place tomorrow. However, if you dont know, or are interested in the rumors, then here’s the scoop. Yes, the whootah clan and the Tommy and James