The Handover

We documented the handing over of to Jonathan every step of the way. From the initial discussion to handing over the $2000 check, view all the mayhem in one of the new original videos on as Jonathan proceeds to take over everything Alan and Phil had that was whootah! You know it’s true!

Screenshot 1

Download this video in Windows Media Player 9 format

6 Responses to “The Handover”

  1. Wes Says:

    What happened to How will I live without it.

    Now I’m really depressed. First I lose my job yesterday, now this.

  2. jonathan Says:

    Now there are EIGHT forums to post in instead of just three. You should register!

  3. Wes Says:

    Ok so when is the April fool’s joke going to be over anyway.

  4. Phil Says:

    ummm, what gives anyone the impression this was an april fools joke?

  5. Mark Says:

    Simple names as Jonathan, Phil, Alan kind of come to mind. lol

  6. Wes Says:

    The video was pretty funny though. Would you like fries with that?

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