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WHOOTAH! yelled out at 2006 Winter Olympics! Believe it or not!

Friday, April 14th, 2006

While watching the Winter Olympics this year I caught, what sounds to be, a Whootah fan yelling out the phrase during the female snowboarding competition.  Check out the video and judge for yourself then hit the forums and vote!  I believe… I believe…

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Theme Park Review video contest 2006

Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

It’s that time of year again, and with all the commotion about the buyout (and return) we almost missed this years TPR annual video contest. has been very successful in the past.
2005 we won Most Improved Videographer From Previous Year for Carowinds Opening Day 2005
2004 we won place #14 in Readers Choice awards for the 2003 C3 video

2006 is our next chance to grab the #1 seat. Check out the TPR page for all the info!

Great News! – Whootah.Com is back!

Monday, April 3rd, 2006

Mr. Hawkins is in direct violation of one of the stipulating points in our signed contract.  Point # 197.2 – 39AR states clearly:

“If at any point Mr. Hawkins reacts in a violent, unpleasant, derogatory or negative way toward any forum/site members of the newly named Whootahawkins.Com site, he will forfeit in whole the amount of $2000.00 that was paid for acquisition of Whootah.Com  Moreover, Whootah.Com shall be re-instated in full as a solely owned domain to Alan Martin and Phil Hart.  All rights, privileges, names, facsimiles, usages, prosthetic, quirks, wags, fundles, bungles, bangles, ranks, works, talks, winks, warbles and all around cool stuff will be reinstated on the Whootah.Com website and Mr. Hawkins is SOL!”

Evidence of Mr. Hawkins direct violation can be found HERE  We sincerely apologize to you Mr. CoasterGary and hope you will come back to Whootah.Com!

Thanks to all our fans who suffered through this trying time for us all.

and we get to keep the dough!  WHOOTAH! 🙂

The Handover

Saturday, April 1st, 2006

We documented the handing over of to Jonathan every step of the way. From the initial discussion to handing over the $2000 check, view all the mayhem in one of the new original videos on as Jonathan proceeds to take over everything Alan and Phil had that was whootah! You know it’s true!

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Wookiecon 2004 Hawkins Style

Saturday, April 1st, 2006

One of my first actions to improve Whootahawkins will be to enhance the site’s current videos. There is a certain element missing from many of the videos, but I plan on rectifying that. To demonstrate exactly what I mean, please have a look at the WookieCon 2004 video, reinvented.

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